we are here to help those
who need help the most.

giving those experiencing homelessness access to showers

As part of our ongoing efforts to help those on the frontlines of ending homelessness, we are excited to work with the Burnaby Society to End Homelessness as they launch their shower program.

Their mobile shower unit consists of a two stall trailer equipped with a shower, toilet and wash basin, and incorporates innovative solutions such as touchless faucets, a magic mirror with built in radio and bluetooth, as well as disinfection using UV light and antibacterial walls.

Initially funded by the City of Burnaby and the Union of the British Columbia Municipalities, the program requires ongoing funding to allow it to continue to be available to guests.

The tiptap Foundation supports this initiative by providing tiptap devices to support donation collections that will be used to maintain the shower initiative as well as provide additional sanitary equipment in the months in the years to come. 

ending homelessness

we believe ending homelessness is possible.

Homelessness is a complex issue. It has many causes. It isn’t always obvious, and it also conjures up many stereotypes. We began the fight in ending homelessness by fundraising for A Better Tent City in the Waterloo Region. It is a tiny home and tent community that helps people who might otherwise end up in a shelter or homeless.

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This fall, we will be shining a light on the homelessness cause and raising significant funds to help end it by fueling those working on the frontlines with our See it. Face it. End it. movement in Toronto and Vancouver!

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what we do

We work with communities to empower them to raise funds for causes that affect us all.

We’ve aligned ourselves to 3 key causes that affect our humanity and the world around us. In 2021, we are focusing on the cause of ending homelessness. As we build and amplify our impact, we will be tackling environmental causes including restoring our oceans and supporting reforestation.

our future plans

We believe deforestation can be reversed

We believe deforestation can be reversed

One Trillion tress is an initiative to plant a single tree with each tap. Working with a variety of environmental groups, sponsors and supporters, we can plant more than a million trees each year.

about us

tiptap Foundation is the charitable fundraising arm of tiptap. tiptap was founded as a company rooted in empathy and in giving back for the greater good of the communities we live and work in. The tiptap Foundation puts that vision into action through programs that connect people and communities with the causes they care about.

Through the tiptap Foundation, we are enabling change in our world, helping those who need help the most.

our team

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Margarida Roncon

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